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Gusta Authentic Biscotti Cookies Made in Tuscany, Italy - Ginger & Lemon

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  • Freshness guarantee: we bake and ship our biscotti from Italy the same day in expiration-dated boxes. Check the date at the bottom of the box to insure your biscotti are within our recommended consumption period. Love them or ask for a refund.
  • Genuine taste: more eggs, less sugar, no anise. Our biscotti are produced in a small laboratory from carefully selected, heartful local ingredients.
  • Made in Italy: Gusta biscotti come from the heart of Tuscany in Italy. Our family in Florence has been dedicated to the art of Cantucci craftsmanship for three generations, employing only genuine ingredients and preserving the authenticity of the original recipe.
  • Coffee mate: with only a handful of ingredients, Gusta's original Biscotti are best enjoyed with coffee, hot chocolate or a sweet wine. A great accompaniment to your coffee break or whenever you need a sweet moment.
  • Plastic free: we do not use PVC containers. Our products are packaged in environment friendly bags sealed to guarantee maximum freshness at consumption.